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Charting your DEIA journey can be challenging

Let us walk the path with you, every step of the way

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Our Three Step, Measure-Maximize-Monitor Methodology

Ensures You are on the Right Path at the Right Time Headed Towards The Right Destination

Measuring your DEIA baseline reduces risk of missteps by identifying needs.

Maximizing the ROl on your DEIA dollars, Whether its training, policy revision, coaching or other interventions, pinpoint exactly what interventions are called for

Monitoring outcomes saves time and other resources, allowing executives to predict and see over the horizon.

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The Diversity and Inclusion Intelligence Series

Our Mission

The mission of Small World Solutions Group is to provide services and solutions to organizations in their efforts to maximize potential, earnings, and productivity through creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace. Small World Solutions Group believes what research has proven: A diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible workplace is most productive, designs higher quality products, has higher earnings than the industry average, has a greater talent pool, has a more positive atmosphere and is more flexible for international engagement.

Together we can create the pattern for success

Like Einstein, our expertise doesn’t just reside in knowing the equation but instead knowing how to connect the dots. We are rewriting the book on inclusion.  There is a pattern of success that begins with refreshing the way we view diversity and inclusion.  Not so much a difference issue, but instead a connection issue…

We Are Continuously Working!

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Small World Group is currently working on multiple projects to achieve the goals and targets that are set y our skilled and experienced team. Our other projects are of unique nature in their respective market niches. But, as a whole, our focus is always on better team building and promoting working on units to achieve organizational goals.

Let's Work Together. Reach us now for any query.